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Our incoming international payment service, powered by Western Union Business Solutions, enables you to receive payments from overseas quickly and reliably.

Please complete the form below to obtain payment instructions that you will need to share with the payor. Once we receive confirmation that payment was submitted by the payor’s bank, we will arrange for the full payment amount to be transferred into your account.* You can usually expect funds to reach your account within two business days from when funds are received by Western Union.

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Important information

  1. This is an indicative rate only and is subject to change. The actual rate that will apply is the prevailing Western Union Business Solutions rate for your transaction type on the date of receipt of funds by Western Union Business Solutions.
  2. Funds will be converted into USD and deposited into the beneficiary's account by Western Union Business Solutions.
  3. Please ensure that you double check that the Account information is correct. Western Union Business Solutions and Blackhawk Bank & Trust do not cross check the account number with the account name submitted. Western Union Business Solutions and Blackhawk Bank & Trust are entitled to rely on the account number as your instructions to transfer the money to that bank account.
  4. Blackhawk Bank & Trust and Western Union Business Solutions advise that it may not be possible to recover funds from an unintended recipient if you provide the incorrect bank account details.
  5. You are entering into this transaction with the understanding that Western Union Business Solutions has been appointed by Blackhawk Bank & Trust to facilitate the transaction.
  6. By submitting this form you are subject to the terms within our Privacy Policy and consent to Western Union Business Solutions using the information within to communicate with you with regards to this transaction.
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*Subject to fees being deducted by the correspondent bank.